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  1. hell no. dude is really toxic and has only recently begun to chill out. If that continues maybe, but for now it is a no.
  2. unbanning, but you will be closely watched any slight suspicion of cheating and an admin will reban. Happy gaming dude.
  3. Agent P.

    Unban appeal

    not sure this helping your case man
  4. Agent P.

    Unban appeal

    de ja vu We need a jump server or something maybe a duplicate server where eles and all glitches are allowed... it adds fun for those who can do it Lund, but it takes fun from those who cannot. 4 weeks is excessive for this. 1 day ban tops.
  5. Agent P.


    why's your name that then?
  6. Agent P.

    Funny story

    This is the story of the first guy from Trinidad I met. So he was in the Army with me in basic training. This guy was a real jerk. He constantly talked shit and would get the whole platoon in trouble. One day after the 100th time of him making us do pushups our Drill Sergeant came up to him, knowing he's always the cause, and said boy you better shut the fuck up or I'm gonna beat your ass and be your Trinidaddy. Now you would think he would be scared or at least be serious, but this boy started laughing so hard. Then the Drill Sergeant started laughing. Then we all laughed. From that day he shaped up and turned out to be a nice guy. That's my story!
  7. Agent P.

    Clan History

    How long has evo been around? Was it always like this? Just curious.
  8. Hi. Little more about me. I play a few other games as well as CoD4. I play FTB Minecraft and League of Legends as well. If you want my name in that lemme know. Outside of gaming I play football, disc golf, and I run. I have a 3 year old son, who is smart as hell. I am engaged to be married next February. I like dark humor and I can make a joke about anything. I'll try to be on discord as much as I can, but my house gets loud. (My girl is Latina) If you want to know more feel free to ask. I am an open book.
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