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  • EvoluTion Membership application

    Applying for clan membership also brings you the perk of being a server admin to keep the server clean of hackers, racism and ensuring the game is fair to all players. Additional perks include taking in game screenshots of players to check for hacks, changing map, temp bans etc.

    EvoluTion Warfare Membership Requirements:

    • MUST be active on our Discord server, preferably with a working mic.
    • If you don't have a mic, you MUST be active on our forum or discord to receive important updates. Discord link: https://Discord.EvoluTIonWarfare.com
    • Your server admin can only be upgrade after one month.
    • Most likely you would start off at level 20 based on Head Admin's discretion.
    • Your admin application must have at least 3 votes from current servers admins and members approving your application.
    • Your server stats MUST be above 1.25 K/D Ratio.
    • MUST have a MINIMUM of 3 forum posts.

    If you do not meet the minimum post requirement, you will be denied! If you think you meet the requirements, then please continue.

  • VIP Application

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