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  2. firstly, i dont think im higher then everyone, but if youre literally only gonna fuckin say something to me, and not ask any questions as to why i was being a dick to the kid, then youre not even being fair dog. that was my whole point at first, i dont care that i was banned dude, i just dont like how you came in and immediately decided to warn me for something that other people were not just doing THAT DAY, they do it ALL THE TIME, and NEVER get a warn or ban, but the SECOND im in spawn while im on THE PHONE or trying to defend myself from the other dude talking shit to me that you JUST SO HA
  3. First: respect all the admins and users!!! Second: we have access to the chat logs where we can see how everything happened and what did u say when i warned u Third: the round wasnt starting, i was already in ur spawn and i didnt warn u cus u killed me, even i killed u and i decided to warn u cus u was camping on spawn of attack in crash. Fourth: when i joined, u called to unnamedplayer# "eat a dick" then when i joined u started throwing sht to him, obviously i will see u like who started with the toxicity Last: Im not used to the rules of this server cus i was admin in another server
  4. gracias lo are soy nuevo en esto por eso
  5. We will look into it. For future reference please provide a screenshot of the chat from when you were warned as far back as possible. This helps the rest of us kinda of paint the picture of the chat environment. Please respect all admins. If you have a problem with one please come to us and provide proof. I believe he mixed up the rule number he said. In b3 you type out rule1 rule2, rule3, ect... Always remember you are a gust on Chuck and Gilly's server and the admins are the monitors and security guards and you must respect them.
  6. and then he put the ban reason as BINDS or SCRIPTS, both of which i dont have. ill start recording ANYTIME i come into servers that are Evo owned now just to prove my point of not having any binds or scripts. the kid is an asshole to me for no reason so, ill provide proof.
  7. had this kid unnamedplayer# being toxic as fuck for 3 maps in a row, i start talking shit because hes targeting me in the chat, this kid Sniper comes in and warns me twice for excessive spawn camping on attack BUT THE ROUND JUST STARTED. the kid is an idiot for an admin and isnt fair whatsoever. ridiculously bad at keeping peace in server. do something please? this is annoying.
  8. Please use the proper sections for VIP or Admin applications. /closed
  9. Hola, para hacer un ban appeal se tiene que seguir los siguiente parámetro: Aun asi responderé tu solicitud: El ban es temporal por lo que debe de finalizar el dia de mañana, solo tiene que esperar un poco. Recuerde hacer mejor su solicitud de unban para la proxima vez;)
  10. TENGO un problema en el server el dia de hoy queria jugar en su servidor promod y me saco y me aparecio ip ban y yo que me acuerdo no he alterado ninguna de sus reglas les dejo una captura por si no me doy a entender Gracias Y feliz Dia
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  12. Hey, thanks for making a ticket. After review I'm unbanning you, you are welcome to rejoin the server and play. Have fun and make sure to watch how you talk to others. Refamiliarize yourself with our rules to assure you aren't breaking any. Have a good day.
  13. -WHICH SERVER YOU GOT BANNED ON? Evolution miami -DO YOU KNOW WHICH ADMIN BANNED YOU? no -Alias was TTV_iRocketRaja I am not cheating lol
  14. -.-


  15. bruh!!!!!!!! im hungry 😉

  16. Unbanned, please connect now!
  17. TELL US WHY WOULD YOU WANT TO BE UNBANNED? I want to be unbanned because I stopped cheat and I'm really sorry
  18. Hello Yseboy666, Thank you for submitting a ban appeal, we will review this as quickly as possible. Depending on the circumstances of the ban we may or may not unban you. We generally give second chances on most ban appeal cases but there are some cases that we do not unban. If we give you a second, you now know the rules. We do not give another chance once the first ban appeal had been successful! I wish you the best luck on getting unbanned.
  19. Your B3 ID 2310346613339767808 NAME IN SERVER WHEN YOU GOT BANNED? courtesy c o u r t e s y ALIASES YOU USE IN GAME. Courtesy and c o u r t e sy WHICH SERVER YOU GOT BANNED ON? miami and sniper REASON YOU GOT BANNED? rule #1 TELL US WHY WOULD YOU WANT TO BE UNBANNED? already been talked to Gilly
  20. Hello Awolation, Thank you for applying to be an admin on our server! We will be reviewing your application soon. In the mean time you can get to know the rules a little better. If you have any question please do let us know so we can answer them. Please also take a look here:
  21. Your name Yerdi Abreu Age 23 Tell us about yourself hello good to all my name is yerdi happy I am 23 years old I have 6 sisters and 3 brothers, I live in the Dominican Republic, I have only lived a few months ago and I like to share and have fun with good colleagues B3 ID Why do you think you would make a great addition? because I am very friendly and very respectful of others, and I have no problem helping or supporting others in a respectful way that will help us achieve our goals and expectations ... I also enjoy seeing others succeed and al
  22. You must be "tUff" if I am correct?
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