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  1. We will continue the tourney of getting one more admin promoted.
  2. Gilly

    Hi there!

    Very nice mintage.
  3. One of the member from the server has came to me and suggested that we should put on our website XLRstats website. Basically this will be a public website where you can see the stats of a player. You will be able to see what the player use most like guns and hit zone.
  4. Gilly


    Wdf, must be fake and some myth they just created.
  5. Welcome to EvoluTion Warfare @cbasszu, we look forward to seeing each other ingame!
  6. Gilly


  7. Death run will most likely not happen because we don't have anyone here that is a good modder. Other Dr server is better.
  8. Gilly

    ScreenShot Webpage

    It will be up soon! I just need sometime to see how to link them into a website. After that I will post the link here.
  9. hi xd i'm nery i need your help

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    2. enerivan


      go steam is bungiservers

    3. enerivan


      good day gilly look at cod4 hardcore when you run with the player the doll simulates the movements of the human being, that is to say it moves a little to the left and a little to the right, just as when one runs, with a movement to both sides, and therefore when the player runs he looks at it too, in the server promod they have removed that and when you run the player does not make any movement on both sides, but runs in a straight line and the sight has no movement , that's what the users have been complaining about, the gringo that the servers used to give us once showed me a mod and just that, and I also had the very long jump, and I do not know what he did and he fixed it and Then I showed it to me and it was running straight and the jump was normal, I imagine it must be a configuration over there.

    4. Gilly


      I have never had this issue before. Can you provide me access to the server? No TeamViewer I will try to get it fixed asap. 

  10. Gilly


  11. Gilly


    @Wolfyy and @Suspect, my FPS has been shit lately and its unplayable in every way. If I could read the chatlog is would have been helpful but it's a longgg as in it would be impossible to go through unless you knew exact time stamp that was said on the server. It is not practical for me to scroll through the database and see where he has said XYZ. Currently there is 344,360 lines of chatlog on the database right now, here is an image of what I will have to go through. ( https://i.gilly.me/SKj0B )There is 4,224 pages for me to go through one by one and see what is going on. Here is a snippet of the pages. ( https://i.gilly.me/cKfMD ) I am sorry if I have been inactive on the server. That is also why I ask for a demo from @Jon Snow. It's not that I am lazy or I don't want to be on the server, it's more like my FPS and my computer being trashy now a days.
  12. Gilly


    It would take us a long time to go through the chat log. When you do capture it, try to get a recording of what is happening so we can get a context of what is going on. You can record by "/record <DEMO NAME>" ingame. Then go to the mods folder find "evo_promod" inside that folder there should be a folder called "Demos" then just upload that. We will take a look at it. Also, make some screenshot for us to see too.
  13. Gilly


    Do you have proof that he was being disrectful to you or to the others?
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