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  1. What was this man banned for in the first place?
  2. I can't tell if this is a spam or if he is being legit lol.
  3. We will continue the tourney of getting one more admin promoted.
  4. Gilly

    Hi there!

    Very nice mintage.
  5. One of the member from the server has came to me and suggested that we should put on our website XLRstats website. Basically this will be a public website where you can see the stats of a player. You will be able to see what the player use most like guns and hit zone.
  6. Gilly


    Wdf, must be fake and some myth they just created.
  7. Welcome to EvoluTion Warfare @cbasszu, we look forward to seeing each other ingame!
  8. Gilly


  9. Death run will most likely not happen because we don't have anyone here that is a good modder. Other Dr server is better.
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