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  1. Gilly


    Im glad to hear that! How is your weekend so far?
  2. Gilly


    Good, how are you?
  3. Gilly

    Unban appeal

    Declined, please use the form above that you were advised on the Discord server.
  4. Gilly


  5. Gilly

    UnBan Request:C

    You will be unbanned in a couple of hours. If the unban does not work after a couple of hours, please come back here and let me know. Before we proceed with the unban process. Do you hereby agree that you will no longer cheat on our server? If you do decline this agreement, we will reject you. Or if we do find you cheating on our server again, you will never be allowed to join our server again. You will no longer have another chance to get unbanned on our server.
  6. Gilly

    UnBan Request:C

    Send us a screenshot of the error message when you enter the server.
  7. Gilly

    UnBan Request:C

    I can't find your banned name. Do you think it could be under a different name?
  8. You have been granted another chance to be able to play on our server. This decision was made by me and @chuck. This will be your last chance to be a clean player on any of EvoluTion server's. If you get caught with any form of cheat, you will no longer be able to play here anymore. I will unban you in 10 minutes after this post has been posted. In the near future for any clan that you play with just be honest and hope that you will get unban based on honesty. Do not try to play that game where you are not in the wrong and asking proof, screenshot, or anything like that. Also, let me know if you are unable to play on the server after getting unbanned on the server in 10 minutes. Have a great one!
  9. What was this man banned for in the first place?
  10. We will continue the tourney of getting one more admin promoted.
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