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  1. hi xd i'm nery i need your help

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    2. enerivan


      go steam is bungiservers

    3. enerivan


      good day gilly look at cod4 hardcore when you run with the player the doll simulates the movements of the human being, that is to say it moves a little to the left and a little to the right, just as when one runs, with a movement to both sides, and therefore when the player runs he looks at it too, in the server promod they have removed that and when you run the player does not make any movement on both sides, but runs in a straight line and the sight has no movement , that's what the users have been complaining about, the gringo that the servers used to give us once showed me a mod and just that, and I also had the very long jump, and I do not know what he did and he fixed it and Then I showed it to me and it was running straight and the jump was normal, I imagine it must be a configuration over there.

    4. Gilly


      I have never had this issue before. Can you provide me access to the server? No TeamViewer I will try to get it fixed asap. 

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