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  1. Honey


    Good day everyone. Today makes it the last day Luna calls my official name without my consent as well as abuse his power. At approximately 1:46 today I logged into my cod4 account and join Evo Canada. Upon entry, I was on the Defence side and the map was Nuketown [S&D]. As I descended onto the floor I ran into the building to change my Graphics. After I finished, I noticed a player directly ahead of me so I killed him [Luna] 5 seconds later I got kicked "GTFO AND STOP CAMP" notice I was on Defence !!! After reconnecting, I typed 3 sentences "IM ON DEFENCE STOP ABUSING YOUR POWER " and my bind on F10 "It's Ok To Cry" after that exactly 2 minutes later I received a ban "RULE2" Note this isn't the first time I have seen him abuse his power he warns me for camping everytime I kill him, I've also seen him take advantage of other players. Please take this matter into consideration. Your Respectively Honey.
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