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  1. Your name StanySloth Age 24 Tell us about yourself. i like cod4 (first launch in 2007 1.3 or 1.4 patch), i am also like to play mw2, mw3, bo1, bo2, bo4, have some issues with other cods, i like movement in games, i also like grinding in games, if i have target i can practice whole time, played css bhop a lot, grinding camos in new codmw, black ops zombies speedrun What is your B3 ID, In Game Name, and aliases SLOZHNIJ/Sadguy/VeryScaryGuy Why do you think you would make a great addition? I am playing cod for long time, i think i can help for someone Do you know any Members/Admins? No, but i ve seen the Sharkzje much times, very good guy Do you have a working mic for Discord? Yes Have you ever admin on another server? If so, have you used B3 before? If you have then tell us what you know about B3. No Have you've been banned on any other server? Yes Have you been in any clan before? Yes, 5 years ago last time Is your XLRstats>1.25 KDR? No Do you understand that FORUM INACTIVITY after 2 weeks is AUTOMATIC APPLICATION DECLINE? Yes How else can we contact you? twitch.tv/slozhnij Discord: Slozhnij#1337 [email protected] easyrecord.mp4 BONUS QUESTION #1 What is our discord invite link? https://discord.gg/QtBMUz9j BONUS QUESTION #2 What is our link to check screenshots for hackers? https://evolutionwarfare.com/screenshots/ BONUS QUESTION #3 What do you put first? Milk or cornflakes? Note the WRONG answer will get you DECLINED! cornflakes


    hello, i am new here, what u think about new cold war guys? there my showcase
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