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  1. For this whole week, yes I hacked here and there and I know people gonna hate me more cuz they already do because of this unban appeal but really, yes I did hack and u (Chuck) caught me on one of those occasions. I'm not asking for an unban at immediate but at least a temp ban because i know esp resulted in a permanent ban or hacks in general I should say but evo is that 1 one server I play on because of the community and the increase of speed and jump height and i don't know why I thought hacking would be a good idea but the thought of being banned wasn't even on my mind at the time but I know now what I have done was at a tolerance level of 0 and it was the 1st rule which means it is treated harshly. Im asking for at least a temp ban of how ever long u (Chuck or Gilly) want because I want to join back the server and play for the fun. Evo is the reason why I play cod 4 and for it's sometimes friendly community . Although people gonna hate on me for hacking but I play for fun and with my friends. I just hope that u (again Chuck and Gilly) see this appeal through and unban or temp ban me. I do promise not to hack if u consider this unban appeal
  2. im banned for the 2nd time for literally nothing but this time its for multihacks and a demo proving, can i have a look at the demo at least cuz this is madness
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