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  1. So uhm i need to post something or i would hate me not sure if its really a "bug"but technically its not supposed happen basically if u spawn and u dont move ur cursor and just move without anything controls become inverted and u move in a really weird way...its easy to do it but not sure if it always happens once u move ur mouse it all becomes normal...im useless...bye!
  2. hey, im killer...i suck... and i wish to be an admin! (not currently cuz i suck a**) i will try my best to be active on the forums...even if its not needed(not sure if i can find anything to talk about...) i have started playing on this server a year ago but after a few months my pc died and i lost it for a few weeks and when i got it back...using a mouse normally was difficult so i quit cod but a few days ago i decided to get back to it..and so far iv managed to play everyday for a couple of hours i hope i dont fail this time!
  3. killer rex


    Im gonna be admin one day and u know it
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