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  1. My heart was beating so fast when i saw that u replied im so happy i got accepted...ill try ny best to post something in the forums..even tho its harf to find something ty so much
  2. Your name Siad Age 15 Tell us about yourself. Im a 15 yro retard person who likes to code (*python...only...*) i am online alot since i have no life really and i enjoy chickens!...and i suck hard in cod What is your B3 ID, In Game Name, and aliases @5381 in miami and i only use killer as my name Why do you think you would make a great addition? no reason really i can be very active both on discord and in game ever since i got back to the game i never missed a single day without playing...im really bad at..speaking and dont know what else to say Do you know any Members/Admins? Sid, suda, taraj, rubiks, south and a few more but i forgot Do you have a working mic for Discord? No Have you ever admin on another server? If so, have you used B3 before? If you have then tell us what you know about B3. No, but i would love to learn Have you've been banned on any other server? No Have you been in any clan before? No Is your XLRstats>1.25 KDR? No Do you understand that FORUM INACTIVITY after 2 weeks is AUTOMATIC APPLICATION DECLINE? Yes How else can we contact you? Im very active on discord killer rex#7200 BONUS QUESTION #1 What is our discord invite link? https://discord.gg/EG8GTMD BONUS QUESTION #2 What is our link to check screenshots for hackers? On discord its in screenshots channel BONUS QUESTION #3 What do you put first? Milk or cornflakes? Note the WRONG answer will get you DECLINED! Uhm i dont eat corn flakes mcuh but i think u put the milk first...jk i mean the corn first ofc
  3. So uhm i need to post something or i would hate me not sure if its really a "bug"but technically its not supposed happen basically if u spawn and u dont move ur cursor and just move without anything controls become inverted and u move in a really weird way...its easy to do it but not sure if it always happens once u move ur mouse it all becomes normal...im useless...bye!
  4. hey, im killer...i suck... and i wish to be an admin! (not currently cuz i suck a**) i will try my best to be active on the forums...even if its not needed(not sure if i can find anything to talk about...) i have started playing on this server a year ago but after a few months my pc died and i lost it for a few weeks and when i got it back...using a mouse normally was difficult so i quit cod but a few days ago i decided to get back to it..and so far iv managed to play everyday for a couple of hours i hope i dont fail this time!
  5. killer rex


    Im gonna be admin one day and u know it
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