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  1. Taco.

    UnBan Request:C

    Of course, I promise not to use hacks again, neither on your server nor on any other, I really appreciate it, this server is the best on cod 4, so thanks.
  2. Taco.

    UnBan Request:C

    I will try to re-enter the server with the name of nR. Jeexzz, to see if it is registered like this
  3. Taco.

    UnBan Request:C

    I will be totally grateful, I will not commit this stupid again, I am really sorry, and a thousand disculars that I affected at the time
  4. Taco.

    UnBan Request:C

    it was probably that the name of the ban has changed because I wanted to enter after I was banned, as I wanted to enter with another name I imagine that the name of the ban has changed
  5. NAME IN SERVER WHEN YOU GOT BANNED? nR.Jeexz Aliases i use in-game: nR. jeex, nR.Taco, Taco :3, zG|Taco. WHICH SERVER YOU GOT BANNED ON? Evolution-Promod Miami REASON YOU GOT BANNED?: I was using cheats, i accept my fault, someone took a record of me. and he report me on the forum DO YOU KNOW WHICH ADMIN BANNED YOU? i think it was chuck You may be banned for breaking one/more of our server rules. Did you break any of these? Rule #1: HACKS ARE STRICTLY PROHIBITED.BE CAREFUL. I feel very sorry for what I did on that moment, I got carried away by my friends who induced me to use cheats. I hope you can solve something, I love you guys, and I love your servers
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