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  1. Please use the proper sections for VIP or Admin applications. /closed
  2. Hey, thanks for making a ticket. After review I'm unbanning you, you are welcome to rejoin the server and play. Have fun and make sure to watch how you talk to others. Refamiliarize yourself with our rules to assure you aren't breaking any. Have a good day.
  3. Energeh


    Denied for ban evasion.
  4. Energeh


    I will unban you, however this is your one chance. Don’t mess this up, keep it clean in our servers.
  5. MERRY CHRISTMAS EVO! Hope you all have a wonderful holiday season stay safe and enjoy your families!
  6. You need to follow the template we give you. You are not above anyone else here, I and many people from the pug discord have played at LAN and other events at the highest levels of play, have all watched you and we concluded you cheat and we banned you from those servers. The same applies here, we are a clan and we made a decision to ban you not one admin, not one person it’s not admin abuse. If you wish to have a chance to get unbanned in the future I suggest you cut this better than thou attitude, open a proper ticket and follow the unban template we give. I await the unban request in the mo
  7. Hello, please follow the template we give for your unban request. Hello, please follow the template we give for your unban request.
  8. Energeh

    unban pls

    Please follow the template we give for your request
  9. This isn’t the place for this @Némesis. we have a thread and discord channels to report people/hackers. Worry about yourself and if you have something to report use the designated areas ?
  10. I have also seen you do countless elevators with your friends, while the server is smaller size and I did not say anything because no one was complaining. You cant say you don't do them though, you do often and we let a lot of stuff slide, and I know you know that's against the rules. There's no reason to have an attitude towards anyone here especially seeing as you are the one asking us for a favor. Just be more conscious of the rules and there will be no problems.
  11. Energeh


  12. ten best movement NA dont @him