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  1. Gnar saw it for himself, there was other stuff but my instant replay software wasn't on. I'm requesting a perm ban for this cheater. ~evolution 'Luna Config Cheating #1.mp4 Config Cheating #2.mp4
  2. Continuation of clip 3 from the report above. Nem 5.mp4
  3. Evolution Clan please do something about this, he's so obvious when the admins are not around. Everyone in the server is sure that he cheats but just because code hook cannot be detected, he just keeps on cheating. Do something about this! PS: Look at where he was in the third clip and I made no sound. Nem 2.mp4 Nem 3.mp4 Nem 4.mp4
  4. I always knew Nemesis hacked but had no evidence because screenshots show nothing when the person is using code hook. I don't know if this is sufficient evidence but this is all I got. My in-game name is |LT|Luna Nem trace.mp4
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