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Application for Trusted Player/VIP

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Your name (real) - Robby

 Age - 27 

In Game Name & Aliases - chiken tinder

Tell us about yourself - I am a father of one, I enjoy tinkering with computers and working out in my backyard gym. Avid enjoyer of books, art, music and everything in between.

Why do you want VIP - I would like the honorable status of VIP because not only do I want to protect and conserve the integrity of the CoD4 community, but I also really enjoy and love playing on the Miami server. I get along well with just about anyone that I come across on the server

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Denied. We, currently do not need VIPs on the server right now, since the SS function is available to everyone. However, I would love to accept you as a recruit for permanent membership. You just need to make that app.

P.S. sorry it took me so long. Past two weeks I put in 150 hours at work.



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