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ZEPHYR's Server Admin Application


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  • Your name
  • Age
  • Tell us about yourself

    Hello, im a young man from norway. in my work time i do construction, building all kinds of things from bridges to completly finished houses etc. on my free time like to do: Mountain Biking/downhill, go hiking or mountain trips as we call it, and yes i go to the gym now and then, i do like heathy food, when im bored i like to edit frags as ive been doing for the last 12+ years but been on a good breake recently. and ofc i love to go on the Evolution Miami server and have some fun.

  • B3 ID
  • @41906
  • Why do you think you would make a great addition?

    i think i would be a grate addition because i can give lots of love to everyone, and i like to be active on the servers while more eu people are on. I also enjoy catching cheaters, fair game for everyone is always good in my opinion. 

  • Do you know any Members/Admins?
  • If so, name the admin/member you know
    i dont really know them, but ive talked a little with larry, snip and gilly, but i dont know them at all. but i wish i would know you guys more. (or ladies)
  • Have you ever admin on another server? If so, have you used B3 before? If you have then tell us what you know about B3.

    i know nothing of b3

  • Have you've been banned on any other server?
  • If you were banned, can you list some of the servers?


  • Have you been in any clan before?

    Many! ive been managing many teams but all these teams was youtube cod trickshotting related, head manager, lead editor, overall leader etc. have some experience


    and no i dont have a kd on 1.25, i play for the fun of it or hit smooth clips for me to edit afterwards

  • Is your XLRstats>1.25 KDR?
  • Do you understand that FORUM INACTIVITY after 2 weeks is AUTOMATIC APPLICATION DECLINE?
  • How else can we contact you?
    Discord: zephyrmvm. steam: 899081875
  • BONUS QUESTION #1 What is our discord invite link?
  • BONUS QUESTION #2 What is our link to check screenshots for hackers?
    !ss ? i dont know the link
  • BONUS QUESTION #3 What do you put first? Milk or cornflakes? Note the WRONG answer will get you DECLINED!
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You have been accepted.

Welcome new recruit! You can now where the #Evo tag. Example: #Evo Scoob

This means you are one step closer to being part of the evolution team. We expect you to be active in-game and on discord. We understand there are some language barriers, but this is okay. We will be patient with non-English speaking recruits.


Here is a list of some expectations from us, for you to pass the trial phase:

1.Be kind. You must show that you are a good person and be professional inside the server and on Discord.

2.We want to see you can use b3. b3 is an admin tool that lets us moderate the server. For recruits you can screenshot and warn. For more help do “help 20” 

3.You must warn people when they are breaking the rules. An example would be camping on attack side. So do “.w scoob rule6” (rule6 will display the camping rule) So it would be wise to learn the rules or have them saved somewhere for quick reference.

4.Screenshot suspicious people. Do “.ss scoob” this will generate a screenshot and can be found on the Discord channel: https://discord.gg/ZaFB8Ejce9 Study the screenshots you take. Look for UAV cheat, wallhack, hack tools, ect.

5.Report anyone suspicious to higher admins. You can find a list on Discord.

6.You must be willing to learn. This is the biggest one. If you are not willing to listen and learn you will be dropped from the trial. If you do not know how to do something please ask someone. 

7.Keep playing and chatting in game. When you come into the server say hi to everyone. Make people know who you are!

8.If you are accepted as recruit and you do not try to warn/ screenshot someone you will be dropped from the trial. This shows us that you can be an admin.

9.Have fun and get to know the other clan members!

(Agent P.)

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  • 4 weeks later...

Congratulations you have proven that you are competent and willing to learn. You have passed the trial phase and now considered part of evolution. You can now wear the tag "evolution" or "EvoluTion"  

We expect you to continue to be active and now moderate the server! Welcome!



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(Agent P.)

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