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Hi, 2 or 3 days ago i was banned, bholyshitbatman was trying to help me, looks like i got banned for cheating when i never have done it, i have the same cfg from 15 years?. The admin told to him that i was using AO, but checking my settings i dont have that enabled. batman told me maybe is my monitor setup, i have 2 monitors and an external tru a Blackmagic card for m work. The tags I'm using since i reinstalled the game like a month ago are GUARISLOF, GUARISLOV, JUANOXX or ELPOLLOLOCO. Thanks in advance.

If there is a demo i would like to see it also, ive never cheat, also the same guid and cfg was used back in the day in LALEAGUE and cevo tournaments so is easy to check them if that info is live still.


I attach my current system graphic settings gaming ones and general ones.


ban 4.png




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