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Summer Tournament Admin Promotion

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Fellow gamers;
As you guys know the summer vacation has almost come to an end, and most of you will be going back to school, taking up further studies in your respective fields of interest, starting into the world of work, and so on. I’d like to give a special welcome to some of our newest soldiers that have been recruited and successfully made it past the trial process, it’s a pleasure of having you guys on our side and hope you guys enjoy your stay, and most of all have fun!

How can we end our summer break without having a special summer tournament? Would be crazy right? But gladly we are here to make sure y’all have a fun and enjoyable tourney before school reopens. This tournament is to be allowed to clan members consisting of level 60 admin and under. The event will be taking place on Saturday 31st August 2019 and will start at 8 pm.

All members who are participating are required to be on the discord server on the general voice channel at or before 8 pm preferably for the organization of the matches. The winner of the matches that progresses to the final stage, who places first will automatically be awarded an admin promotion.

I welcome all of you guys to come and participate and especially for our new members as well, as this will be a great event to show of your skills, have a blast and interact with fellow members.

Please be advised that screenshots will be taken frequently during all the matches and will be reviewed at the same time it’s being uploaded to the website just in case. Any further questions or inquiries feel free to message.

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