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  1. Pretty lousy application, not much effort i would say; not knowing the bonus questions' answers which are all over our website and servers...I do recognize you as a good player but i don't know if that is enough for everyone else, but i will give u the benefit of the doubt and say a yes if u update your application better than that half-way thing....Good Luck!!!
  2. Good player, I suppose that he would be another great addition to the community. I don't suppose you should say that you are in another clan right now while applying for one?
  3. Merry Christmas to all of you and a Happy New Year and thank you for everything!
  4. Albeit Trinidad 8 o clock is really 9 o clock
  5. Mr. Rubiks


    Well there are different people in this world and that`s just one of the kinds, you have to address the situation as it see fits if u want to respond....or u can just remain quiet and not answer him so he will eventually lose his cool and then leave the server or just shut up and play. The servers is for us having fun and enjoying ourselves, so if this is preventing you from enjoying yourself then we will have to deal with it more personally and have some punishments as it does violate one of the rules of being respectful to others.
  6. Nice.... i see this as a great addition to the servers for the community and will help facilitate competitive games in the future.
  7. They are great people and players and we thank them for their contribution to the community and hope that we can see them from time to time on the various communication platforms and in game. I would take the casual gamer/member/admin category as i am not no pro like @bio and @taraj and i concur that we need more members and admins on the servers. Yes i can help clear screenshots whenever asked... I am not as active on discord and the website but i will try to be on more frequent...and el chapo and the "not chuck" should be reminded of that last requirement....the only time i will not have my tag is if i allow my brother to play on my computer and if he decides to play on evo.....he will use an alias to play as his computer is damaged or if i go to the evo servers coming from an euro server where the game changes my name for whatever the reason.......but i always have my tag..... Uh huh...must have a reason why.... or probably that >>>>>> Thank you @chuck and @Gilly for the continue upkeep of the servers...... I really appreciate it...as do all of the members and again Thank you @Zaya and @Wolfyy for your contributions to the community and we hope to see you from time to time in the future and wish you all the best forward in your lives.
  9. Mr. Rubiks


    u fr g...................good thing im not from st. joseph............
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