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  1. It’s a no from me. I’d be mad if Gilly thinks otherwise.
  2. Eh the hacking part is what got me. In previous clans that I have been in had a strict policy where if you were caught cheating and somehow unbanned, you coukldnt apply for shit, so i mean ion know.
  3. Pog. I honestly don't know what to say Ill let others decide.
  4. Also the same bug is on nuketown
  5. It is best to keep your temper when others start talking shit to you, I would recommend you ignore the chat and just focus on the game and dont abooz elevators. learn some bounces and shii yk. Best of luck, Daddy Fly
  6. I have experienced this any times in multiple maps. I want it fixed ASAP. So basically on map naout, the side with the bomb, you run to the left, and there is this little trash can where you can stand on top of it to look over the brick wall. When you jump to look ever it, sometimes it teleports you over it and you get stuck in it. You can't move you cant do anything except look around. Same glitch is also on strike, crash Attack spawn builting and more. I am willign to show you guys the spots in game just please unban me from ur discord xd
  7. Fly

    Hello Lads!

    Hello guys, I am a new player that just discovered the EvoluTion community. So far of my 12 connections, I have liked the servers very much and enjoy playing with probably the best community I've yet seen on cod4. I have been admin in other clans in the past, so I'm interested in what this community has to offer. Anyways I'm available on discord; Taclas#0001 if anyone wants to chat. Other than that, I'll cya guys around. Cheers! - Fly
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