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  1. Dear Evolution clan members, admins, and players: Recently I was banned for suspected elebot abuse, abuse of elevators, and abuse towards the players and members in the server. I would like to apologize not only to chuck, but to all of the players that may have been on the receiving end of my rash and uncalled for negative comments and unjust actions. It was not right for me to let out my frustrations on other players, I am sorry for my actions and for my words, and I would like to make it up to everyone by continuing to show my chill side if you guys agree to give me another chance and let me play on the server again. I know that I can be a dick sometimes, but if you are cool with me I will be cool with you. Thank you for your time and just know that I am deeply filled with regret with my past actions. Kindest regards, Lund
  2. Lund

    Unban appeal

    alright what the fuck there is no such thing as "guid spoofer" for cod4x, i still dont know why i was banned, you are saying i joined to impersonate you when i am literally banned and can not join that server so that does not even make sense but OK
  3. Lund

    Unban appeal

    there was never a case, ever since i asked in the evo discord why i was banned and that fucking braindead idiot chuck replied with 'crymore.com' and banned me, what the fuck does that even mean like i fr think he has mental issues or something lmao
  4. Lund

    Unban appeal

    man i never realized how retarded people from trinidaddy were lmfao
  5. Lund

    Unban appeal

    alright i am sorry for my attitude but i ONLY do elevators when there are not people in the server who actually want to play, so i only do them when i am playing with brady and taylor and boosted etc, and i do not think that this ban is about elevators i think it is about chuck being a retard
  6. Lund

    Unban appeal

    ok so i was banned for doing an elevator a week ago
  7. Lund

    Unban appeal

    although i agree with you there snoggy, i did not do any elevators
  8. Lund

    Unban appeal

    -YOUR B3 ID (Knowing and posting this will more than likely help your unban to be processed faster) no idea -NAME IN SERVER WHEN YOU GOT BANNED? Lund -ALIASES YOU USE IN GAME. Lund -WHICH SERVER YOU GOT BANNED ON? evo promod miami -REASON YOU GOT BANNED? ????? -DO YOU KNOW WHICH ADMIN BANNED YOU? chuck You may be banned for breaking one/more of our server rules. Did you break any of these? Rule #1: HACKS ARE STRICTLY PROHIBITED.BE CAREFUL. Rule #2: Binds and scripts are not allowed. Rule #3: Be respectful to all players, admins, and members Rule #4: Do not insult players. Rule #5: Answer to admin, if an admin asks you a question DO NOT ignore him! Rule #6: Advertising for servers or recruiting for clans is not allowed! Rule #7: EXCESSIVE SPAWN CAMPING ON ATTACK team is not allowed. Extreme camping for more than 3 rounds max would be kicked. Rule #8: No Asking for admin on the servers. Try applying at www.evolutionwarfare.com Rule #9: No offensive or potentially offensive names, annoying names, or weird name with symbols and special characters. Rule #10: Racism is strictly banned! Rule #11: Black screenshots are not allowed! Fix your game. Rule #12: Elevator abuse is NOT ALLOWED. Use elebot for more than one round to receive a FREE BAN! i did not break any of these rules ok
  9. this is a highly debatable topic
  10. i would like if chuck stopped ignoring my unban request i was banned for 'elebot abuse' without prior warning to stop using elebot. after countless times of chuck telling me that elebot is allowed, he randomly banned me for using it which doesnt make a whole lot of sense he could of atleast told me to stop using it before he randomly banned me
  11. Lund

    unban please

    indeed they are, fernando
  12. Lund

    unban please

    went afk to get food, joined shoutcaster, come back to my pc and it said i got kicked, i reconnect and got banned. admin gives no reason. ok.
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