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Mr. Rubiks

Problems in the servers

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So i noticed that the games are crashing in my computer and other have told me about their game crashing, and by that logic -> the server has been crashing; i would like to know if this would be a problem for the future of the servers; I.E. both the Promod and Zombies server. It is also very annoying and frustrating at times for me and others(i assume), i know that we don`t have to pay any money to help in the keeping of the server as requested by other COD servers that i have played on and we appreciate that (hopefully others agree with me here), but it is inconvenient and time consuming(i have to reset my PC when this occurs, and No {ctrl+alt+delete} doesn`t work all the time for me) for some to do and it may cause people to play less on the server consequently of this. There is also the concern of Constant lag in the Zombies server for me and some other players i believe, some is not affected by this; i really don`t know how this occurs when we join but it just does. I have checked and it is not a problem at my end, not sure about others, as a result of this, less people are present in this server as well. Finally the concern of how the "reg" is bad in this server is another conundrum for some players and they have said,[probably misquoted properly] " It is a very shitty server cuz of this reg"

I know this is not the section to say this in and it may be viewed as very insignificant but i might as well say it here as it is technically a problem; can there be a limit to the amount of curses and other vulgar language that can be said per person, even admins themselves; i noticed this with players in the server and even myself sometimes but it is either humorous or annoying to some of those players and furthermore it is part of the rules, rule 4 if i am not mistaken but it is not morally right(by my morals at least). We shouldn`t be saying these things to one another or towards oneself and i postulate that the implementation of b3 to have these things under control, as well as to have acronyms that imply these uncouth things banned on the server and if said to be temporarily banned for a small period of time, possibly 15-30 minutes(to clear one`s head). I know that this can be easily passed over as inconsequential but as i said, it is just a suggestion.

In Conclusion, according to my first paragraph, can these previously said obstacles or problems on the servers be fixed so that players can enjoy themselves by playing without errors per se in the servers and as a snowball effect -> not waste time while enjoying oneself. By the second paragraph, can the aforementioned explanations of possible solutions of these crude languages be considered and if possible be implemented in the server.

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