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  1. Promotion here I come!
  2. It’s a yes from me because this new generation needs to learn how to strafe the proper way to get momentum and hit bounces/jumps on regular gspeed. It’s the only way to improve and be consistent rather than g_speed giving you that extra boost. If people really want to truly improve their jumps and movement they need to practice on regular gspeed. I will be contended with any decision but I don’t mind playing with gspeed on default
  3. Suspect

    Ban usurp!

    Many times connecting to the server I’ve witnessed someone else getting banned for arguing with usurp and he claims to be innocent. I never really thought about making a post for it but it’s been getting out of control. When someone kills him he complains about hardscope ect but does the same crap and when you tell him about it he calls you bad, trash and a scrub. We all know he isn’t good but he thinks he is. He’s very annoying and I think evo can do without someone like that on the server.
  4. Thanks alot crazy. Good luck to you as well HAPPY GAMING!
  5. Suspect

    Saying hello

    Hello! Que paso mi amigo?
  6. Sorry I didn’t get time to reply to this but I am very grateful in being part of this wonderful, fun, loving, and kind community. Honestly when I first visited the forums to apply for admin only I didn’t realized I made an application to apply for the clan xD. After that I just stuck with it and time after time I’ve realized that I’ve been growing more and more with this community feeling more and more like a family. I really appreciate the work that you @chuck and @Gilly done for us through out this continuous fun journey. I also appreciate and admire the time and dedication both of you put into this server to make it what it is today and also props to the entire staffs for making it possible as well. I really appreciate the promotion as head admin but I will only take that if everyone else is fine with it because If not it’s not a problem at all. I prefer to keep the cool between everyone than to have argument going on between the staffs. Thank you for the promotion though but I guess we will leave the rest for our staffs to decide I hope we all have a great journey together and may evolution promod be the #1 out of them all Best regards -evolution’ teN
  7. I say unban my student!
  8. Since we have many complaints on our server about the marine skin I’ve been wondering if we ever took it into consideration to have it changed. I honestly think to make it better for all of us even though I hate skins I think the best option and our next step is to add player skins. No more complaints about we can see no one and people saying it’s the bad side ect. Hope we can work something out for this - teN
  9. Chuck I was literally about to do this but you beat me to it. Merry Xmas to everyone and you and your family
  10. Suspect


    I will resolve this and give this person a time out
  11. Suspect


    Jon don’t worry I stand with you on it. I know you’re speaking the truth
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