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  1. Good luck! @Snoggy Please give us more info.
  2. If he's sitting in spawn on defence, its quite ok but if he's sitting in spawn on attack for more than 3 rounds you can start warning him using rule#7. You don't need to tell him to stop sitting in spawn, he should know the rules being a past evo admin. Just start warning next time without having any convo or replying to him. Do !rules in the server and read up on the rules for more help.
  3. You're unbanned, good luck and have fun . Please play clean , fair and be respectful to everyone in the server. Our admins will be keeping a close eye on you. -teN.
  4. Pretty decent and chill player, a big yes from me. I approve of this so good luck
  5. Config is just insane, built in aimbot in his wrist. He doesn't cheat though lol and if he does this isnt any proof Gnar was being loud running around lol
  6. Suspect


    Will definitely look into it, thanks for reporting.
  7. I will take matters into my hand and unban him. If any members catch you using it again they have the right to ban you right away and you cannot make another ban appeal again. Bounces however are allowed. Happy gaming, play fair, clean and also be respectful to all members.
  8. Suspect

    Unban request

    You will be banned later on but if caught using anything suspicious again there is no coming back.
  9. I think he honestly is because everyone in c+ are sus af. Will try to get something done
  10. Suspect

    Unban appeal

    I warned brady and boosted about it, they didn't listen so peter pay for paul and paul pay for all I guess. It's unfortunate you got banned also but what can I say other than for you to blame brady and boosted :#
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