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  1. Suspect

    Unban request

    You will be banned later on but if caught using anything suspicious again there is no coming back.
  2. I think he honestly is because everyone in c+ are sus af. Will try to get something done
  3. Suspect

    Unban appeal

    I warned brady and boosted about it, they didn't listen so peter pay for paul and paul pay for all I guess. It's unfortunate you got banned also but what can I say other than for you to blame brady and boosted :#
  4. Im replying late to this but hell nah when ever I go to zG some 12 year old kid always holds the button down and yell for no reason. Bad choice
  5. WHAT!?! TBH I'm pretty garbage atm with this small mouse pad and shitty mouse so rip lol If I get an actual mouse that doesnt skip on the mouse pad will be nice :#
  6. Yes, keep that in mind that macros are prohibited. I know you're a decent player overall and never really broken any rules before so I'll take the responsibility of unbanning you since you didn't really commit a serious crime. Try your best to play fair and make everyone else enjoy their game Good luck! -evolution 'teN.
  7. Merry Christmas to all evolution members and I hope you all had a blast for New Years also I’ll be back within 2 weeks.
  8. You deserved to be banned because as an admin you should know fully well that having the advantages to see through smoke and flash is consider unfair and cheating. If people get banned for custom character skins Isn't seeing through smokes and flashes 10 times worst???? For a grown man you make no sense whats or ever. If someone is cheating in the server you're quick to ban no excuses because they were cheating. Its fair that you got what other players got for cheating. If you don't think NO SMOKE and NO FLASH isn't cheating then you don't deserve to be admin. If you're a senior player you should have COMMON sense to know right from wrong. Also you saw no binds / scripts allowed which means fast fire binds, learn to use your finger to click. I'm glad you got banned because for an admin you don't possess any common sense for a *Mature Adult*. Cheats are cheats, if found using it in our servers it will be instant termination and all powers will be stripped off. Further more I'm glad you admitted to being unfair to other members using those *cheats*. If you're working in a company and you steal from them basically you will get fired and most likely not get the opportunity to reapply. You got the same treatment other hackers get so there's no favoritism there. Enjoy the ban cheater
  9. Promotion here I come!
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