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  1. Unfortunatly, we had a zombies server in the past and it was taken offline due to people preference of deathrun. We then created a DR server as their wish, however it was populated for the first 2-3 weeks and then empty leaving the server resources to struggle. The community then asked to take the DR offline to replace with zombies. We did that. They asked for Gun Game server, we made it but its no longer populated, leaving the resources of our servers used, which we can utilize with something else. Unfortunately for now, we would not be replacing any of these servers with a DR because of what happens each time. Maybe sometime in the future. You can always rent your own provider and host your own servers if you wish to play deathrun. -Staff.
  2. chuck

    Unban request

    Topic solved. *Locked*
  3. He is now permanently banned by staff. Thanks for reporting.
  4. He is now permanently banned by staff. Thanks for reporting.
  5. My fellow comrades and soldiers. We are more than pleased to announce we have just ended the no profanity rule here on EvoluTion Warfare. This decision has been made by myself and chuck. Yes it is true, we just realized it is the 21st century and we need to move ahead with the times. However, we will NOT tolerate profanity towards another member, being disrespectful and any aggressive behavior in any way. We encourage to keep the chill and provide a gaming experience that is enjoyable to all. So can you say FUCK YEA, been waiting for this? Yes you can. But can you be toxic to players and disrespectful? No, you cannot and admins have the authority and privilege to kick you immediately based on their discretion. Please don't go crazy and start using profanity on the server and everywhere else. We still want to believe we have common decency and respect within our community. It will take a bit to update all the rules, but as of this minute you will no longer be warned or kicked for profanity unless it is aimed at someone. Happy gaming to all. Stay tuned for more changes and updates. -Evolution Warfare Staff
  6. Accepted as recruit and as trial player. Wear the #Evo admin tag for your admin to work. Keep being active in the community to be accepted as member and for server upgrades. -Staff
  7. chuck

    Unban appeal

    For a min I thought you was just trying to be funny but now I'm starting to think you are actually retarded. Nice guid spoofer btw. Regards - Staff. You will stay banned. Locked.
  8. chuck

    Unban appeal

    lmao, why do you want to play on our servers so bad? 30days isnt that bad, Im sure you can use that time wisely to reflect on life, the universe and everything to figure out why you got yourself banned. Why should we unban you? You can use your guid spoofer, change your GUID and join to impersonate me too. Funny. No need for unban
  9. Nice one. Congratulations, you have received another server admin upgrade. Cheers!
  10. It is the holiday season and its time to be cheerful. A few years ago, Evolution Warfare was founded by me and Gilly. We had no idea it would blossom and forward into 2020 and it appeared all but certain that it would have ended in our infancy, but after a couple staff transitions, your support and the countless hours of dedicated staff here we stand, titans of a COD4 promod server and gaming community. All these years later, our meticulous members continue to curate, discuss, and passionately value everything that we try to provide. You, the community, alongside a myriad of passionate members have established a team and family that we didn’t know would exist in these years to come... Its Christmas eve and why not start opening presents early? We are happy to have each and everyone of you as part of our community and in return, we are gifting all active members a bump in admin. If you haven't received an upgrade, just message either me or gilly because sometimes Santa has a long list. Previous members who were level 80 are now masked and hidden server admins as level 100 admin is for sys-ops only. There is one extra gift that is available for grabs that would be given to the person who posts the best Christmas tree or ham/turkey with a note next to it with their name and a greeting from EvoluTion Warfare. Your note has to be hand written and taken with your christmas tree or your ham/turkey. Eg "Merry Christmas - Evolution [Name]" Moving into 2020, xlrstats would be reset on January 1st 2020 in all servers. Happy gaming to all and MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL FROM EVOLUTION WARFARE.
  11. chuck

    Unban request

    Are you still banned?
  12. This aint a negotiation nor trying to be a smart ass isnt going to help your unban. You were abusing. FACTS. Also you didnt provide sufficient reason as to why we should unban you? To abuse more? Denied LOCKED
  13. Please provide the following information on your ban appeal. -YOUR B3 ID (Knowing and posting this will more than likely help your unban to be processed faster) -NAME IN SERVER WHEN YOU GOT BANNED? -ALIASES YOU USE IN GAME. -WHICH SERVER YOU GOT BANNED ON? -REASON YOU GOT BANNED? -DO YOU KNOW WHICH ADMIN BANNED YOU? You may be banned for breaking one/more of our server rules. Did you break any of these? Rule #1: HACKS ARE STRICTLY PROHIBITED.BE CAREFUL. Rule #2: Binds and scripts are not allowed. Rule #3: Be respectful to all players, admins, and members Rule #4: Do not insult players. Rule #5: Answer to admin, if an admin asks you a question DO NOT ignore him! Rule #6: Advertising for servers or recruiting for clans is not allowed! Rule #7: EXCESSIVE SPAWN CAMPING ON ATTACK team is not allowed. Extreme camping for more than 3 rounds max would be kicked. Rule #8: No Asking for admin on the servers. Try applying at www.evolutionwarfare.com Rule #9: No offensive or potentially offensive names, annoying names, or weird name with symbols and special characters. Rule #10: Racism is strictly banned! Rule #11: Black screenshots are not allowed! Fix your game. Rule #12: Elevator abuse is NOT ALLOWED. Use elebot for more than one round to receive a FREE BAN! If not, then make a thread with your in game name and what happened to appeal your case!
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