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  1. Accepted as recruit. Your admin will be setup in a few hours. .
  2. Accepted as recruit. Your admin will be setup within a few hours.
  3. You should be unbanned
  4. Yes. Please message us on our discord server.
  5. Approved as recruit. Keep being active and your clan membership would be granted.
  6. Accepted as recruit.
  7. Would be a great addition to our team since you already know how to use b3 etc.
  8. Pm on me on discord.
  9. 4 years? GADAAM We wud be on to you .
  10. Hmmmm good point. Ok if he responds here or is active , maybe we can add as trial.
  11. chuck


    You were caught using cheats on our server and you have been permanently banned.
  12. Welcome, and hello. Ive never played with you but Im willing to give you a chance as long as there are two admins again +1 on your app.
  13. Welcome, we are english community though so this is going to be a hard one. Do you speak english?
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