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  1. chuck


    You can apply on this website or donate.
  2. Looked up your case and it seems like another admin reviewed and your were unbanned. Dont repeat this again.
  3. chuck


    Just looked up your case and you are unbanned by an admin.
  4. chuck

    unban request

    Your unbanned. You got auto banned by the bot not by admin, you should be good now.
  5. chuck


    We will investigate. Thanks for reporting.
  6. chuck

    unban please

    You were banned by a high senior admin. Please consult with evolution ten or agent P @7940
  7. chuck

    unban pls

    You were unfairly banned by a past admin for binds. Please do not use this again in the future. You are unbanned.
  8. Are you in our discord? and which admins do you know?
  9. Unfortunatly, we had a zombies server in the past and it was taken offline due to people preference of deathrun. We then created a DR server as their wish, however it was populated for the first 2-3 weeks and then empty leaving the server resources to struggle. The community then asked to take the DR offline to replace with zombies. We did that. They asked for Gun Game server, we made it but its no longer populated, leaving the resources of our servers used, which we can utilize with something else. Unfortunately for now, we would not be replacing any of these servers with a DR because of what happens each time. Maybe sometime in the future. You can always rent your own provider and host your own servers if you wish to play deathrun. -Staff.
  10. chuck

    Unban request

    Topic solved. *Locked*
  11. He is now permanently banned by staff. Thanks for reporting.
  12. He is now permanently banned by staff. Thanks for reporting.
  13. My fellow comrades and soldiers. We are more than pleased to announce we have just ended the no profanity rule here on EvoluTion Warfare. This decision has been made by myself and chuck. Yes it is true, we just realized it is the 21st century and we need to move ahead with the times. However, we will NOT tolerate profanity towards another member, being disrespectful and any aggressive behavior in any way. We encourage to keep the chill and provide a gaming experience that is enjoyable to all. So can you say FUCK YEA, been waiting for this? Yes you can. But can you be toxic to players and disrespectful? No, you cannot and admins have the authority and privilege to kick you immediately based on their discretion. Please don't go crazy and start using profanity on the server and everywhere else. We still want to believe we have common decency and respect within our community. It will take a bit to update all the rules, but as of this minute you will no longer be warned or kicked for profanity unless it is aimed at someone. Happy gaming to all. Stay tuned for more changes and updates. -Evolution Warfare Staff
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