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  1. Keep being active on discord and on the servers and good luck!
  2. You need to be more active on discord, and on the website and on the server
  3. Guys, I would be away for a while within the United States for a job I have and then to Europe for a small vacation, so I won’t have pc access for about 3 weeks. In the interim, please extend your usual support and cooperation to @Gilly for questions, problems, staffing, recruitment, issues, and everything else! Before school re opens, or as summer is ending, we would be hosting a tournament, more information would be posted by @Aditya aka EvoluTion Legacy Finally, please give a warm welcome to our newest members to our small family: @iSinpai, @Phineas, @Zipertee and @Deuces is promoted to elite members of our team. @SNIPERWOLF and @St4nn is promoted to casual members as well. Please guide them on how to use the elite and member clan tag in the servers. Elite clan tag: KD ratio > 1.25, use evolution ‘ tag Casual gamer tag: KD ratio < 1.25 , use EvoluTion tag - Evolution Warfare Staff!
  4. EvoluTion [MIAMI] Scrim Server is ONLINE for private scrims, tournaments and pugs between teams on Server IP: Note that this server is running on pml220_ne with Promod mode match_mr10 enabled, which means 5v5 teams with 10 total rounds., a limit of one sniper per team, and other classes. Also FPS, Fullbright, UAV or Enemy Compass, FOV is disabled by default. In addition, friendly fire is ENABLED making it a fully competitive mod. B3 is also installed on this server, which means there’s no need for RCON as clients with given permission can change the map using the bot. B3 is installed on a separate database apart from all EvoluTion Public Servers, meaning, admins on this scrim server are not necessarily admins on the public servers and vice versa. Finally, the server will require a password for teams to join which would be shared in the clan members private section of the forum and discord and would be changed periodically. This password is to only be shared to teams who will be entering the scrim/pug. /connect;password ********* Where ******** is the password that would be given to teams (Check private members section for password) -Staff
  5. chuck

    It's me Zach.

    Welcome dude.
  6. chuck


    Welcome dude
  7. I am posting this farewell message on behalf of Zaya and Wolfy. Both were long time senior and high staff whom sadly has retired from Evolution warfare for their own and personal reasons and will be no longer be able to staff this community. I have an enormous amount of respect for both as I'm sure all of you do; so while their dedication and expertise will be sadly missed, I on behalf of the evolution staff team hope and trust they would excel in his their non-evolution gaming career and life as they have done here. Please join me in thanking them for their hard work and service. Sadly, some things come to an end, and they're going to be parting ways with us. We still expect to see them around the forums and discord though so give hats off to them on their presence. “The true soldier fights not because he hates what is in front of him, but because he loves what is behind him.” Now moving on to a few things: We are thinking about splitting the clan members into two groups. The first one would be casual gamers/members/admins who just want to hang out and play and have a good time. These would be members wearing the EvoluTion clan tag. The second group - prestige and elite clan members who would wear the evolution ‘clan tag. (Requirements would be strictly 1.25KD and higher ratio for this group). We establish that there are applicants who want to apply for membership/server admin but don’t meet the requirement, In retrospect, we need more admins to patrol the servers. There is more traffic coming towards the servers and its getting more popular, therefore we need more admins. Our community is small only a few are accepted as member/admin. Take a glimpse of how many denied applicants there are. These are always subject to change based on your feedback so I need to know. Staffing is hard work. Every staff member on this community we ask for volunteers at least a few mins a day to help clear screenshots. While unpaid, Gilly and I pay out of own pockets renting the servers/paying for the website and try our best to keep things functional and running, it is in essence a second job. We do it for you guys our incredible and it's worth every single second. Tonight I wanted to let you guys know that there will now be some few important requirements to be part of this community. Firstly, you guys need to help clear screenshots whenever you can. Very few has access to delete screenshots from https://evolutionwarfare.com/screenshots/ So if you want to help out, it would be greatly appreciated on behalf of this community and you will be rewarded. If you want access, msg me or Gilly and we would get you setup. Secondly, be active on discord and on the website and help out in whatever possible way you can, help us keep the forums alive. Example all members need to comment on the member applications and vote. I’m not asking for you to be 24/7 active on the website and on discord, I’m just asking for you guys to help out whenever you can. Lastly, you guys need to wear your clan tag in the servers. Today I connected on a hidden alias and only noticed @Aditya (Known as President) amongst other admins wearing his clan tag. Members who are are not wearing their clan tags in the server, sooner or later their admin would be removed/lowered. For the new and for the old members, if you want to rank up you need to earn it not sit and watch the sky wondering when your admin would be upgraded. Being only active on the server alone will take you probably 100x times longer to rank up. Take notes from one of the most outstanding members atm @taraj he came from 0 to where his at now, for his incredible actions, help and generosity for this clan. @Aditya has also mostly stayed out of the spot light. Please congratulate both members taraj and President on their promotions today. Wrapping this up, we were recently encountering a few issues with our b3 and it seems to be sorted out now. In addition, admins will now be able to ban and permban via their phone with some new software the community has now in place. Yea you heard that right, you don’t need to be in game to ban or kick someone. You can do it via your phone. Message me if you want to get setup. There are more updates to be coming soon (promotions, server updates and tournaments) and good things coming! Thank you for you help and support and you guys/girl (Bio xD) make this community what it is, and we love you all! Stay tuned for more exciting updates. -Evolution Warfare Staff
  8. Unfortunately , this is a clan decision on behalf of high staff and members discussion. It would be considered though but as long as you get support from most clan members, then it would be changed. But what is wrong with the current g speed?
  9. What bio and taraj said
  10. EvoluTion Deathrun Server Now Online At: connect B3 to be installed soon. Enjoy and more exciting stuff to come soon!
  11. The final season of Game of Thrones is upon us, and we're hosting an event where all members and players would also have to battle whilst the war in Westeros is taking place. For those of you that will feel left out because you don’t watch this show, more contests would be available soon so keep an eye out! Participating is simple. All you have to do is try and predict what would happen or how would the show end. This means that that you have to reveal or predict something for the end of the season finale. You can predict things like: 1- Who is going to die? 2- Who would turn a villan? 3- How would the show end? 4- Discuss theories that you have and mind and could come true. Etc The eighth and final season of Game of Thrones will be premiered on May 19, 2019. With that being said, participations would be left open till May 18th. You can discuss as much as you like. Any spoilers or leaks from the show that can possibly happen online, the contest would end and the last predictions made would be judged for the winner. The participant who makes the most predictions would sit on the iron throne and would also receive a reward to be announced at May 2019 when the finale comes to an end. Deadline for ALL Entries would be on May 18th. Until May 18th, this thread would be locked and your Night’s Watch will end! - Evolution Warfare Remembers.
  12. Thanks to all EvoluTion Warfare Members who participated. Also Congratulations on @evolution 'BuZZkiLL and @#Evo Loaded for making it to the finals and to @evolution 'BuZZkiLL for taking the trophy. Hats off to you on this tournament. As with the stipulations on 2019 Easter tournament at https://evolutionwarfare.com/topic/297-easter-admin-promotion/ Since only level 60 admins and under were allowed to participate but we had to make an exception for 2 level 80’s and above to complete groups for Semi Finals and Finals, @evolution 'BuZZkiLL has settled to offer his admin promotion to @evolution 'taraj Evolution staff would come to 3 conclusions and decide to reward all three contestants: 1- @evolution 'BuZZkiLL would be bumped a clan rank as decided by staff for his 1st place trophy and his generosity in offering his admin to taraj as well. A true warfare virtue, no brothers left behind. 2- @evolution 'taraj admin would be upgraded as offered by @evolution 'BuZZkiLL 3- @#Evo Loaded is now promoted to member and admin rank upgraded for his 2nd place award for the Easter Tournament. Congratulations to all participants! And again, good job on @evolution 'BuZZkiLL for placing 1st place.
  13. Welcome man, your from Canada? Always nice to meet people from around the world Hope to see you around!
  14. EVOLUTION SNIPER ONLY SERVER ONLINE AT : connect EVOLUTION ZOMBIES SERVER ONLINE AT : connect Dont forget to bookmark them and add them to you favourites! Stay tuned, more amazing stuff to come soon! Enjoy ~Evolution Warfare Staff
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