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  1. Not to be rude but this is a shitty idea
  2. May I request that we get the screenshots page carefully analyzed and sorted out. We need to clear the web page because it's getting overcrowded and we're getting confused as to which is which so to prevent all of the confusion could we get it sorted out ASAP please!
  3. great, we all know it gonna be Suda vs South. gl south!
  4. BuZZkiLL


    The map mp_bubba is giving a few of us trouble ever since the new update of evolution warfare. Everytime I try to join the server with the map mp_bubba being active as the map in play, my cod4 tends to crash which is really annoying. I've heard some complains about the same problem happening to others. Can y'all please look into this
  5. BuZZkiLL


    what's a good porn site beside pornhub.com?
  6. meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
  7. I'm using a last gen kamlas
  8. sperm lover, jay, crazy, chuck, gilly, me (Suda), aditya, strafey, winterfell and any other suggestion guys? even tho 3 of those people aren't members of our clan, they can still support [TW] and help us out with our scrim teams they can also sign up to be part of [TW] if they wish but I'd like them to be part of our team for scrim matches
  9. As a gaming community we are expected to have fun events within our clan and other clans such as scrims (clan wars). [TW] is our clan/family and we shall support our clan in friendly battle against others. We shall assign at least two (2) teams within the following categories as Snipers, Assault, Spec Ops, Demolition. If you are interested in supporting our clan please set your name and your class below.
  10. you are unbanned because it was only a temporary ban for 6 mins
  11. Hello players/members, read below to see how to post a demo to report a hacker on this forum: In game, type "/record" in your console... and when finished with recording type "/stoprecord". Then go to ''Zippyshare.com'' and go to your ''COD4'' folder and search for ''mods'', select the mod you made the demo on... Upload and then copy the link when finished. Create a post under "Report a hacker" and paste the link. Title the name of the hacker, the type of hack they used and the date/estimated time recorded. All reports will be notified and be looked into.