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  1. Wolfyy

    Clan History

    They started of as Trini Wolves (TW) a while ago like late 2017 (cause i joined early 2018 ) i think and the leader Chuck used to host server for Trinidad players to have fun and play but then the server kept populating a lot and he decided to work on it and then we had a some international players wanted to join the clan and since that we renamed to Evolution Warfare and migrated the servers to Miami so it'll be beneficial to everyone as in ping and stuff like that but yeah it was always a fun community.
  2. Honestly, this means a lot to me. I thank you for each and every opportunity i was given especially when @Gilly made me Chief of Staff. That was like the best feeling ever. Forever grateful to both of you. Although i am no longer with y'all, if there is anything i can help with just message me on discord and i will deliver. Even those who are not to familiar with the b3 commands and stuff, just hook me up. Also i can help clear the screenshots as well as it is not hard to do. Lastly i would like to congratulate @Aditya and @taraj for their hard work and dedication towards this clan. They truly deserved it and hope they make me proud All the best.
  3. @tGz_LOADED mind showing us a picture? :3
  4. Ahhh sounds like fun. Dont worry there will be another soon. Maybe Christmas. Lmao Have fun dude.
  5. Nah i think imma just let someone else win
  6. Yes! Not if. But when you are part of Evolution you'll surely be added. There is still time
  7. Refer to Announcements.
  8. Dear EvoluTion Warfare Clan, As you know Easter is approaching and we are happy to have each and every one of you with us. All of our admins are hardworking admins and it's that time again we give back to you all again. With that being said, i will keep it short and announce that there will be a EvoluTion Warfare Clan Tournament which will take place on the 19th and 20th April, 2019. (Time of day is yet to be set) Here is how it goes. There will be 4 free for all matches. 2 matches on the 19th and 2 on the 20th. These matches will consist of level 60 and under admins. Why 4 matches? Because our clan is getting bigger when someone new joins and it wouldn't be fair if we had just 2 matches where there are obviously better players than some. The winner of each of the 4 free for all matches will then face off in the final match to determine the winner and therefore rewarded with a Admin Promotion smiley THE RULES ARE AS FOLLOWS: HACKS ARE NOT ALLOWED OBVIOUSLY! (SCREENSHOTS WILL BE TAKEN DURING MATCH) NO BINDS/SCRIPTS ARE ALLOWED! DO NOT INSULT ONE ANOTHER WHILE ON THE MATCH! If there is any questions please feel free to ask. GOOD LUCK TO ONE AND ALL PS- I'll be in those matches as i am level 60 admin smiley
  9. Once again those players who keeps complaining when someone uses AK or SMG in promod, here you go. Thanks very much @chuck for getting these servers up. I am sure the members and players would love these.
  10. For the longest while i wanted to see how much the players value the admins and how well you know them. Tell us who are your favorite admin/admins and why.
  11. Firstly, i take everything serious especially when someone calls me trash ass and gay for deagling him when it is allowed on the game. Yes i am different from ALL the other staff members. Respect me i respect you. Simple. Make this the first and last time you fuck with me. You'll be unban soon. Maybe later
  12. Match will take place on the Promod server. The both free for all will be any guns allowed.
  13. Give me a time all can be active and we'll set the timing.
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