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Clan Roster/Ranks


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  • Clan Founder

Founder : Rare creature often huddled in a dark room lit only by multiple monitors. Within the shadows, a silhouette of a hoodie is the only rare sight of this person. Great myths surround this mystical entity. The Overwatch , Sysop , Administrator and Founder of the Trini Wolves Gaming Community.


Chief Of Staff [Leaders and Owners]–The Overlord of Staff, General Commander , Leader and Owner of the community. Responsible for overlook of all staff, server admin, recruitment, implementation of server rules, and final decision amongst clan staff.


Head Admin- High level gatekeepers approved by staff. Responsible for recruitment and server admin promotions & demotions, Deals with problems, complaints and ban appleals. Moderator of the forum and kings amongst men.



Clan Member – Members of the community approved by staff. Also server admins who are responsible for ensuring all server rules are being followed. The ones enforcing the BANHAMMER if any rules are broken.

@South @IICaTz @KinqqZaya @faTe @Suspect@Suda
Recruits – Fresh blood. Has some access to server admin and private member forum. Halfway up the ladder to becoming a clan member.


V!P - Set at the discretion of the Staff to members that are worthy and helpful to the success of this community. Don't ask for VIP


Forum Members – Default usergroup for registered members.

Guests – Unregistered members.

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