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Crew's Server Admin Application


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  • Your name
    Miguel Antonio Cea Molina
  • Age
  • Tell us about yourself


    Hello, my name is Miguel Cea, I'm 16 years old, I'm from Chile, South America, I know a little English... well, the basics.

  • B3 ID
  • Why do you think you would make a great addition?

    Because I have been an Admin of other Servers and I consider myself an experienced and responsible person in this type of case

  • Do you know any Members/Admins?
  • If so, name the admin/member you know
  • Have you ever admin on another server? If so, have you used B3 before? If you have then tell us what you know about B3.

    No, never use B3

  • Have you've been banned on any other server?
  • If you were banned, can you list some of the servers?


  • Have you been in any clan before?

    Yes, it was called [BL] (Black List)

  • Is your XLRstats>1.25 KDR?
  • Do you understand that FORUM INACTIVITY after 2 weeks is AUTOMATIC APPLICATION DECLINE?
  • How else can we contact you?
    you can contact me by:
    discord: Crew#6387
    mail: crewofgameplays@gmail.com
  • BONUS QUESTION #1 What is our discord invite link?
  • BONUS QUESTION #2 What is our link to check screenshots for hackers?
    I really do not know
  • BONUS QUESTION #3 What do you put first? Milk or cornflakes? Note the WRONG answer will get you DECLINED!
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Hello Crew, 

Thank you for applying to be an admin on our server! We will be reviewing your application soon. In the mean time you can get to know the rules a little better. If you have any question please do let us know so we can answer them.

Please also take a look here:


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