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  1. not familiar with this person. Goodluck though
  2. Hey tokyo, Biocial here aka "Bio"
  3. Thanks chuck! I'm not really a christmas person at allll, matter of fact i kinda hate holidays, but this year i sorta enjoyed it lol, it wasn't too bad at all. Next is new years, 2020 is definitely my year. *fist bump*
  4. I agree. he was caught hacking and he's paying the consequences. Also my last post i was speaking about being consulted about the situation because i know there's numerous individuals who uses the same pc and plays in our cod4 server. Not that it was "uncalled for". I was drowsy when i typed that semi-paragraph. When submitted i couldn't re-edit.
  5. I agree with you that admins are the one that maintains the server when the "boss" isn't there to do so. The treatment you got was uncalled for and could've been handled another way. But that's just my view of the situation, hoping other admins state theirs. And I hope all this gets cleared up. #
  6. I see where your coming from Jon, as an admin or previous admin I should say, you deserve to plead to your case. There were instances when "Ccs Max" had custom textures and we spoke to her about it numerous times, she still decided to continue using them which resulted in her being banned. Off course having the ability to not see smoke and avoide being stunned is a cheat. You do gain advantage over the other players and @chuck reacted as an admin not as a friend. As for the statement "senior admins favouring other admins" I do believe theres some truth towards that but tbh I never really cared. I understand that there has to be some sort of mutual respect towards our members and you were entitled to an explanation, but that's just life sometimes. You should've consulted EvoluTion staff before "assuming that no smoke/flash" is permitted in our server. I believe that theres a rule stating "no binds and scripts are allowed". That was an error on your end and you should take full responsibility. I do hope that it is lifted because I enjoy playing with you and you will be missed.
  7. lol hey there, you seem confident, good for you and goodluck!
  8. i want the software for the ban & kick via phone
  9. Yay i was mentioned lmao, it was briefly but hey i'll take it Anyways, thank you for that paragraph @chuck.. Read it all Just wanna say that i've been with you guys longer than a year, and although the times we spent together weren't always great, i will forever cherish the journey. Whenever im bored or upset or just simply wanna escape the real life, i go to Evo servers, no other. I'll be happy to clear the screenshots whenever needed, no one came to me about that but i'm just putting that out there. Unfortunately i'll be writing Cxc next year and i'm currently swarmed with past papers, i do dedicate my free time to our Evo servers As for this new "ranking system" Don't know if my admin is about to be lowered but I'm honestly okay with that.. as i don't have the requirements (1.25KD) to be in the second group @chuck spoke about buttt ill forever be greatful if it isn't lowered lol. Im a good admin aren't i? I wear my tag, kick laggers, ban hackers, mute disrespectful players, and i don't abuse my powerrrr LIKE @Mr. Rubiks RUBIKSSS who !wtf me in poolparty lol i jk Anyways thank you! @chuck AND ZAYA AND WOLFY! for your contribution
  10. Lol Snoggy People might abuse it also, especially when theres no admins online
  12. [TW]Biocial


    Nehh... i don't believe in supernatural's But when i see it, i'll believe it
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