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  1. Your name Justin Age 19 Tell us about yourself. Hey. im a chill guy from fyzabad-trinidad. currently working towards building a house and building a good pc. What is your B3 ID, In Game Name, and aliases My ingame name is CrAzY and has always been CrAzY. my b3 id is @11972 in the canadian server Why do you think you would make a great addition? I belive id makea great addition because im very experienced with the server and the way b3 works. i can identify any rule breakers and deal with it acordingly. Do you know any Members/Admins? I know mostly every admin it used to have but some of the current ones are new to me. Do you have a working mic for Discord? Yes Have you ever admin on another server? If so, have you used B3 before? If you have then tell us what you know about B3. Yes ive been admin on many servers and was a dedicated one to Evolution warfare until i had to take a break from the game for personal reasons. my b3 skills are around a lv 80 experience. Have you've been banned on any other server? No Have you been in any clan before? Ive been in many clans but evolution warfare was the one clan ive been in the longest Is your XLRstats>1.25 KDR? No Do you understand that FORUM INACTIVITY after 2 weeks is AUTOMATIC APPLICATION DECLINE? Yes How else can we contact you? Contact me on discord : CrAzY#5469 BONUS QUESTION #1 What is our discord invite link? discord.gg/kWkTS2u BONUS QUESTION #2 What is our link to check screenshots for hackers? http://evolutionwarfare.com/screenshot BONUS QUESTION #3 What do you put first? Milk or cornflakes? Note the WRONG answer will get you DECLINED! Cereal :)
  2. I will sit out this one since im only on season 4 :3
  3. 2 much spoilers chuck. too muhc spoilers
  4. ill sit here and await the long and forgotten deathrun But good job on getting those servers online. awesome to have them again
  5. CrAzY

    ScreenShot Webpage

    Well good luck @Gilly. Were counting on you
  6. CrAzY

    Saying hello

    Hi. are you new here? i have a weakness for new shiny things
  7. Congratulations @Suspect I finally got time to browse the forums and this post helps clarify alot. Huge thanks to @chuck and @Gilly for making Evolution Warfare what it is today. The Miami server has been a huge success while undermining the new weasels. I look forward to the new plans for 2019 and i hope everyone is able to lend a hand. Good Luck and may EvolutionWarfare be forever great and remembered.
  8. Can we please fix the ss webpage? The server has become crowded with new players and suspicions has been raised
  9. CrAzY

    Just sayin hi

    Hey Visham. Welcome to the forums. Feel free to PM any of us if you have any questions! Enjoy your time here
  10. All servers was up this morning until this time i believe. Im confused also but i must be a problem from chuck's end. Power outage or internet downtime probs.
  11. Wolf banned him for binds. But he was too eager to think. Shouldve stated binds and uploaded proof. The proof is on ts but its down rn. Will retrieve it when i could. It was a 3 hr bind however it was wrongly stated.
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