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  1. Indominus<3


    Just so you know this doesn't count as a post in your application, as this post is meaningless. -Head
  2. Don't worry my dude, we have chat logs for situation such as this one. So you are saying that you accidentally camped in spawn on attack, in the garage above the car?????? And nobody binds and gets away with it if there is an admin online. My fellow admins can correct me if I'm wrong. Don't you worry, your opinion will be acknowledged I've been doing this for decent amount of time. Enough so that I "understand the gravity of my role". **no comment**
  3. Do you have any experience with forums? I ask this because the website is more or less built like any other forum site, and I think you just lack the experience. However I'll see to it that the layout be simplified for newer people.
  4. There is a role on the server for players who doesn't meet that requirement kd ratio of 1.50. Said players would be considered as evolution "Recruits" and would be able to where the clan tag #Evo. However I'm gonna have to talk to chuck about maybe making these players "Regulars" so that they can still play some significant role on the server, because I don't think that the "Recruit" role has any special permissions at the moment.
  5. The butterfly clicker himself.
  6. @[email protected] So I upgraded my Teamspeak 3 client today and when I attempted to join I got the disconnection error "(server version is too old for command)". I assume that this means that the server is outdated for the updated client. Please try your best to have the server upgraded as soon as possible.
  7. From what I heard you got ip banned using an alias 'The Bread Guy'. I'm not sure how long ago this was.
  8. hmmmm....maybe that's why it doesn't crash with me. Since i use extra texture settings.
  9. @AAAAAkAAAAA, I could not have said it better. K9 V!per got what he deserved, so if he really wants to be unbanned, he can find his way here and simply, appeal.
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