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  1. So I was playing some zombies and came across hacker K9 V!PER he had a new account he ask me to unban him which I'm not authorized because I'm only level 20 admin he said hacking was a mistake and he want to get unban so I don't know if you guys want to unban him........................
  2. guys my internet is stable and working fine but somehow the server are down I was playing with zG|TheBest witch is my causin and I just start lagging like hell and the server timed out I tried to connect again but it keep awaiting connection pls reply soon if you have the same problem
  3. I always be online on the triniwolves site and ingame in the zombie server deathrun i tried once but i do not know the teamspeak server and the site ts3.TriniWolves.tk:9990 isnt working for me it always showing white screen and nothing on the page the page loaded sucessfully but it not show anything
  4. Hey guys can i be in a group please tell me what i have to do to be in a ADMIN GROUP i do be online everyday............Its Yuh boy aR|TriNiGoD?
  5. ok kool my bad thought most of you are international people
  6. Wow most of u is not from trinidad
  7. Hey if allyuh issa true trini what is 2 barrah channa and wraped with paper lol
  8. Hi everyone whats up i love this site and love the server to if you r a trini reply to this saying i issa trini i love curry duck and pepper roti and we liming by caura river with a bottle ah puncheon lol
  9. Is d real deal killa when it comes 2 zombies btw any of u guys issa trini some here are white people

  10. i am 17 years old my name is Aaron Rampaul loves in penal in trinidad and tobago love all you trini's #trini's4life

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