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  1. long and forgot post, @chuck zip up and send me the mod source to integrate it, maybe we can have a beta test to see if ppl ok with it yall?
  2. Poyser


    no flash and no smoke? PPHHHSss that soft, a good yute, give him another chance , and yeah just remove that No binds rule, if we nuke all binds `/unbind all` how we gon play , we can assume scripts is where you chain the commands, so everything except fast fire should be fine - this is already the accepted case not reflected in the rules too clearly ------------------------------------------------- I was waiting to confirm your age before finishing my post and from what i hear from @Suspect above, seems you old enough to expect better of , how long you using it for? and if your gonna use it at least be simply be 100% ready for what will happen when it comes to light, don't flare up at all, if you didn't think about the outcome then a bit favoritism you were expecting, example: getting a warning to stop it in a PM? but then wait, it disgusting move seeing thu smoke, so you already accepted yourself as being dirt and using it, you turned off smoke when you didn't have to so whatever the result you shouldn't be mad just say: rip gg --------- But I'd like for our boy to get like a 1 year ban with no chance of becoming member/admin ever again, may this not be the last of Jon. he may be a pile of garbage but hes someone too......is what i'd like, but you admin + using a cheat, it done there
  3. All das left is to add it to the server mod
  4. Its a bug, something around you being in spectator first and then join a team after at a certain time, Ignore it
  5. Played with it alot on some random server that seems to have gone offline Mod/Screenshots: http://www.cfgfactory.com/downloads/show/5392cfec75850 Just the regular crossbow that shoots arrows, not explosives Anyone else think it would be a nice to have?
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