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  1. CableGuy


    How Larry sounds XDDD
  2. CableGuy


    Cause i have no life and i'm sad atm and i need a cod name and that's the best i cld do ^__^
  3. CableGuy


    Hii, I'm Cable, for those who don't know i don't fix wifi or cable for real!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. CableGuy


    This guy name mango on the sniper sever talking real shit bout numb and Trinidad so I had to but in too from America bout numb hacking clearly he wasn't but the way he is talking is not friendly at all.. talking bout numb mother and then my mother and he's the king of Trinidad and stuff yea we could take it as a joke but he was talking like he so big but reality is mango is a sad little kid all this happens just now!
  5. CableGuy


    Hey ppl
  6. CableGuy


    Hi hi
  7. I know some of you guys know me from the severs but i didn't mean to do the application poorly or wrong
  8. Hey,my name is CableGuy, i don't know if i doing this post thing right still trying to figure it out
  9. CableGuy


    This is confusing
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