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  1. Hey can I please get unbanned now??? Or atleast reduced to temp? I cooperated with yall and told u everything I know. It would be nice to get to play in evo again. I dont care if I'm hated. I just play for fun.
  2. Lol so now its fast fire binds... lmfao very nice... I will say this once... I have never used fast fire binds or silent shots or trigger fingers or macros on anyone Male or female on any of Evolution's servers. But according to ten over there,I need to get my brain checked out lmfao.... hahahahaha.... this is too precious....
  3. Wait wait wait... when have I ever used a fast fire bind in the server? Just bcuz I shoot faster with an b14 doesn't mean I am using a bind. Yes I ha e a fast fire bind but if I used it then u wouldn't hear any of the bullets bcuz of my high fps. And no I dont use any trigger fingers. Lol but do continue to belittle me. Its entertainment.
  4. Lol I love how insulting suspect is. Good luck in life sir.
  5. First of all I admit to using it and I do take responsibility for it. There is no denying it and I will not sit and lie about it. The disgusting thing is I wasnt given any forewarning or consultation. Chuck acted as an admin yes but he also needs to understand that admins are the ones who are here when he isnt and the treatment I received was that of zero respect and no chances. It was an extreme reaction towards a senior player and I should have been treated with a little more respect. It goes both ways.
  6. So yesterday evening I got a notification on my cell phone with my name tagged on discord. Chuck sent out an announcement that I've been permanently banned from all servers for cheating with no smoke and no flash. Yes I did have that and I am not here to deny it. I also know exactly who invaded my privacy. What I find absolutely disgusting is the fact that I was treated like nothing. As an admin i was not questioned... I was not asked anything before action was taken... this is just a point being made to how valuable admins are to Evolution. Well the ones who aren't favored that is. I have seen time and time again that admins before had been talked to about actions they took, so why is it so difficult to talk to one of your most active members about an accused hack. Did anyone ever stop to think that I had no clue that it was a bannable offence? Did anyone stop to ask me what was going on? Murderers and drug dealers get more opportunities to plead their case. I was a member of the community for years. When asked what was the reason on private message on discord both chuck and gilly refused to answer. The behaviour and way of dealing with a member of Evolution is absolutely disgusting. I would like my ban to be lifted. Something as meager as a smoke and flash bind is removable so why didnt someone just say to me "hey we saw you have no flash and no smoke,please remove those binds right now because they are a bannable offense." I heard that I had alot of binds too. No one questioned me. Where was the forewarning?? Where was the accusation? Where was the evidence? Yes I have binds. I have a number of them. Some of which I was using to tweak my graphics bcuz some guys on cod4x told me the problem I was having could be related to graphics. But no... no one asked that. No one bothered to mention that I was currently trying everything to fix my game. I feel like I have been subjected and profiled. I feel like this was intentional. I will not sit here and dent that I have binds. Who doesn't? It's one thing to have binds and another to be using them. Three quarter of the binds that I have doesn't even work on any server at all. I will not sit here and be treated like a piece of shit just because ten told u that I am. I will not sit here and be quiet about this. There was zero lines of questioning about my so called hacking. There was zero evidence shown to me being an admin and senior player. There is zero respect given to lower tier members. I would like my ban to be lifted. I didnt even get to read the whole announcement before chuck kicked me out. I only saw it through other people who were actually concerned. SO PUT YOURSELVES IN MY SHOES...
  7. I will take what is mine. I am the king of the seven Kingdoms. Dany will try to kill me for it but I'm not afraid of my dear old auntie... but first...Cersei and her followers will burn...
  8. The iron throne will be mine even if I have to kill Dany to get it.
  9. Hmmmmmmmmm... that's tough... lol imma say ruby cuz he lags alot and easier to kill than d rest of u pro players lol lmao but for real tho... I dont think I shud choose favorites... lol
  10. Jon Snow


    @Wolfyy exactly wat I have been saying! Thank goodness I'm not the only one fed up of his disgusting behavior...
  11. Jon Snow


    I'm not the type of person to lie about anyone... that guy has time and time again been rude to me and others! It's only so much one person can tolerate! I really dont care if ppl hate me for the posts I make here! I will stand for what is right! Next time tho,I will have proof!
  12. Jon Snow


    Thank you! Ur very helpful! I will do that!
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