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[Solved]Why was I demoted to clan member and had to reapply?


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You were told re-apply in order for us to have more insights about your activities towards the clan. Chuck demote you as well as snowy and 2 others because there was no sights of activity coming from anyone. He created this forums and after 2 weeks of advertising it ingame neither of yall took the time to create an account and be active on teamspeak. This is why he created an application system to ensure activity from members and demoted those to force them to be active or "forget about it".

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Server admins who are inactive on teamspeak and the forum would be disabled sooner or later.

After members helped created this forum and advertising it on the server, few took the liberty to make an account and helped with suggestions to restructure the server admin system. You can find them on teamspeak generally or in the servers @level 80 admins. ALL admins who are inactive teamspeak and on the forum were disabled until they re apply and follow the new requirements. For higher server admin, you can talk to @Suda and @AAAAAkAAAAA on teamspeak or in game. They are the ones who usually take care of that aspect.

Just reapply and once you follow the requirements, you would be fine!

Server Admin Requirements:

  • MUST be active on Trini Wolves TeamSpeak server, preferably with a working mic. Note, server admins who are not active on TeamSpeak would be disabled sooner or later.
  • If you don't have a mic, must be active on the forum, so you can get updates.


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