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  1. "I don't use bad language on the server" - Cableguy 2020. I always find myself being left out of these lists. It hurts man. Just a little Hi snoggy would do. 11/10 Anyways, gl.
  2. Who is Mr.Rubiks? is he some owner of an underground drug cartel or something? Ent dais the clan with jacki the bati man and REX-FULL-OF-SKILLS? I'd give you a score far off in the infinite amount of negative numbers. You need something more solid than this.We already have a lot of people to deliver justice. Way more effort needed. Anyways, gl.
  3. Snoggy

    Clan History

    "Fun" I find the triniwolves days were a bit more lively.
  4. Snoggy

    unban please

    How is this an unban request lol?Anyways, I agree you should be unbanned doh.
  5. Snoggy

    unban ples

    Sigh, you should have done this in a devmap or a dead server, and not one which people are constantly playing on.. ??? Alas, I think the perm ban should be dropped and your ability to play ln the server restored..
  6. That was probably your mind playing tricks on ya.
  7. Oh ofc I forgive you, but that does not mean you are getting unbanned by me.
  8. Strafing is going to become even harder to do now sigh...
  9. This will probs fry the host pc
  10. Snoggy

    Ban usurp!

    I was gonna make a longass speech but I think, for now, I will spare everyone. Long story short i agree but not 100%. It seems like you want him to be remove permanently which i find to be a bit extreme. I mean , we have people who are 10x more toxic than this guy and they still lingering around. Here's what ,I gonna do my mojo and talk to the guy. I doubt it will solve the problem but it's the least i can do about the situation. Orrr... We can let our bot take his Ip address and fry his motherboard or some shit.
  11. the mother of dragons shall take the throne
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