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  1. Snoggy

    Unban appeal

    This isn't the first time. I think that's why it's so long.
  2. Snoggy

    Unban appeal

    Man, you can't remember that time me you and two other guys were on crash? or was it strike. That was like a week ago.
  3. Snoggy

    Unban appeal

    I mean, I've seen you do elevators countless times man. Yes, more than one round. I just ain't the type to give 4weeks for ele. Just a warn would suffice for me. I think ya should be unbanned doh, 4wks seems like a stretch to me. 6 hours would have been good enough for me or maybe i'd of just kicked u.
  4. Snoggy

    Unban appeal

    think this was the reason
  5. showed him everything he knows
  6. Snoggy


    Buying Ganja marijuana buying. Not paying over $15tt for a gram.
  7. Snoggy

    Clan History

    "Fun" I find the triniwolves days were a bit more lively.
  8. Snoggy

    unban please

    How is this an unban request lol?Anyways, I agree you should be unbanned doh.
  9. That was probably your mind playing tricks on ya.
  10. Oh ofc I forgive you, but that does not mean you are getting unbanned by me.
  11. This will probs fry the host pc
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