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  1. Wh- I mean it does look rather nice.
  2. I fear my brain is not robust enough to begin comprehending this statement. By pure coincidence, you, F E R N A N D O, found a youtube tutorial on how to install cod4 hacks. You, F E R N A N D O, then proceeded to install hacks. I posses inadequate knowledge about logic and common sense so i cannot educate you about why claiming things like these as "coincidences" is just going to make it harder for people to believe you. A wise man once said, there are no accidents.Or was that a turtle? idk the individual was walking on two legs. anyywayz........ Good Luck and ignore my bullshit and sarcasm in this post or am i serious? SOME LANGUAGE THAT I CANNOT SPEAK: I think it's called spanish. Hace 19 horas, Fernando. dijo: Ahora casi todos los días fui a YouTube para ver videos de Call of Duty 4, y por pura coincidencia encontré un tutorial sobre cómo instalar hacks en Cood4, lo instalé [Hacer clic y arrastrar para mover] Me temo que mi cerebro no es lo suficientemente robusto como para comenzar a comprender esta afirmación. Por pura coincidencia, usted, F E R N A N D O, encontró un tutorial de YouTube sobre cómo instalar hacks cod4. Usted, F E R N A N D O, luego procedió a instalar hacks. Poseo un conocimiento inadecuado sobre la lógica y el sentido común, por lo que no puedo educarlo sobre por qué afirmar cosas como estas como "coincidencias" hará que sea más difícil para la gente creerle. Hace 20 horas, Fernando. dijo: Lo lamento mucho. Esperó de todo corazón para que te pusieras en mi lugar y me entendieras, nunca volveré a cometer el mismo error. Buena noche. [Hacer clic y arrastrar para mover] Un hombre sabio dijo una vez que no hay accidentes, ¿o era una tortuga? idk el individuo caminaba sobre dos piernas. anyywayz ........ Buena suerte e ignorar mi mierda y sarcasmo: D o estoy hablando en serio?
  3. Man said he doesn't know what the hack was, but admitted to using it before we even told him why he got banned.
  4. Snoggy

    Unban Request

    Denied. This is not a ban appeal. Negado Falta de sustancia. से इनकार किया। पदार्थ का अभाव।
  5. Change your name to Mr small brain and you have my
  6. Snoggy

    Unban appeal

    This isn't the first time. I think that's why it's so long.
  7. Snoggy

    Unban appeal

    Man, you can't remember that time me you and two other guys were on crash? or was it strike. That was like a week ago.
  8. Snoggy

    Unban appeal

    I mean, I've seen you do elevators countless times man. Yes, more than one round. I just ain't the type to give 4weeks for ele. Just a warn would suffice for me. I think ya should be unbanned doh, 4wks seems like a stretch to me. 6 hours would have been good enough for me or maybe i'd of just kicked u.
  9. Snoggy

    Unban appeal

    think this was the reason
  10. showed him everything he knows
  11. Snoggy


    Buying Ganja marijuana buying. Not paying over $15tt for a gram.
  12. Snoggy

    Clan History

    "Fun" I find the triniwolves days were a bit more lively.
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